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Disclosure: Handmade Habitat Living is a registered trademark of Handmade Habitat Living, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Used with express permission. All rights reserved. The opinions expressed in this blog are my own, and I invite your comments.

SOME of my Handmade Habitat Living is free. Some I purchase myself. I am a full time, freelancer (my own employee) and not compensated by Plaid to write this blog. I started this blog because of a genuine love of Handmade Habitat Living. It would be pretty hard to write about something every day without really loving it, don’t you think?

Sharing and Usage Policy: All my photos and projects are under copyright, but I believe in sharing. I want you to try my ideas! We are a community, and that is what makes it fun. The only thing that I ask is that, if you feature one of my projects, you have permission to use ONE photo per post and must link back to me in that post. I do not allow alteration of my photos including usage of your watermark or text without my permission. If you want to use more than one photo or have special needs, please e-mail me.

User Assumes Liability: If you browse through my site and try an idea, you assume the risk, and I disclaim liability. So don’t do anything silly and hurt yourself! I also can’t guarantee results. If I could, I would be a magician, and then I would make a million dollars appear in front of me and go on a permanent vacation. What I’m trying to say is that it’s all up to you to make a successful project happen. Good luck.